Addressing Minority Health

Healthy equity means that everyone has the same equal opportunity to be as healthy as possible. One’s ability to access food and health care should not be based on race or socioeconomic status. However, due to social, economic and environmental disadvantages, several minority groups do not have access to healthy food options, healthcare and insurance, and fair access to employment.


The Recycling Issue In The U.S.

Recycling is defined as the collection,
breakdown and reuse of items that are thrown away in order to turn them into new products.

In America, in 15 million tons of waste was recycled. That number rose in 2012 to 87 million tons, accounting for 34.5% of all U.S. waste.


Why Therapy Is So Important

Universally, there is still a stigma circling the topic of mental health. And luckily, it has been getting more shine recently due to the #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter movements, and even celebrities being more open about their own battles with mental health. However, even talks of therapy are still a taboo subject in the Black community.