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Protecting Your Melanin-Rich Baby’s Skin

The ultimate goal in the beauty industry is often to have “skin as soft as a baby.” Although a newborn’s skin is softer to touch, melanin-rich infant’s skin tends to be more sensitive and prone to general pigmentation issues resulting from dry skin and eczema. Therefore, caring for your newborn’s skin takes the right products and some special care to keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy.

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The Dangers of Expecting Black Women to Over Perform at Work

After recently watching Netflix’s Self Made: Inspired by Madame C.J. Walker, I thanked God for how far [Black] women have come. Since the days Sarah Breedlove, a daughter to former slaves, amassed millionaire status, Black women have created products that now populate shelves in Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods, and opened businesses that serve communities around the world.