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Protecting Your Melanin-Rich Baby’s Skin

The ultimate goal in the beauty industry is often to have “skin as soft as a baby.” Although a newborn’s skin is softer to touch, melanin-rich infant’s skin tends to be more sensitive and prone to general pigmentation issues resulting from dry skin and eczema. Therefore, caring for your newborn’s skin takes the right products and some special care to keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy.


Episode 23: Kreyol – Yve-Car

Yve-Car is the CEO and cofounder of Kreyol Essence and was driven by her vision to stimulate economic activity in Haiti. In this podcast episode, Yve takes on the role of interviewing Dr. Kristian Henderson, founder of BLK+GRN, and sparks an impactful conversation on what it means to walk in your passion. Despite a tragic life-threatening car accident in 2019 that left Kristian in a coma, her recovery journey did not force her to abandon BLK+GRN. Instead, it became the chapter in her story that highlighted all things possible when you stay true to what you want to do. 

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The Dangers of Expecting Black Women to Over Perform at Work

After recently watching Netflix’s Self Made: Inspired by Madame C.J. Walker, I thanked God for how far [Black] women have come. Since the days Sarah Breedlove, a daughter to former slaves, amassed millionaire status, Black women have created products that now populate shelves in Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods, and opened businesses that serve communities around the world. 

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Scalp Health: Healthy Hair Begins with a Healthy Scalp

There’s been an increased focus on hair care and what products we can use to keep our hair healthy in today’s beauty world, but the scalp often gets neglected or skipped altogether. Mainly because most people don’t realize that the changes that we see in our hair with age, such as greying, thinning, and changes in luster, are all due to biological changes in the scalp and hair follicle.

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Intentional Decluttering

Whether it is during a pandemic or the beginning of a new season, decluttering is always a good ritual to implement to welcome new energy into your space. Seasonal cleaning can refer to housekeeping, decluttering or releasing emotional baggage, either way, this is the perfect time to let go and rejuvenate your life.  


Episode 22: Kushae – Kimba & Dr. Barb

All too familiar with the big corporations that sell unsafe and far from caring products, OB-GYN Dr. Barb and ex-Pharmaceutical Sales Consultant Kimba came together to offer women pH-balanced, chemical-free, and natural-based alternatives for feminine care that are sensitive to women’s sensitivities.