Growing BLK + GRN Through The FedEx Small Business Grant

By: Dr. Kristian

Because we want you to vote daily for BLK + GRN in the FedEx Small Grant Contest, we want so share some of our initial ideas on how we would spend the funding.

As you know, we want to continue to educate and empower Black women to use and understand the importance of toxic-free and natural products. Because of the importance of buying Black, we want to uplift and help Black entrepreneurs thrive. To achieve this, economic investment is pivotal.

We want to be your go to place to buy natural and toxic-free skincare, beauty, hair care, feminine care, bath and body, and home products. To be at the top of your mind, we want to invest in five things:

  1. Product development. Over the years, we have been searching for artisans and natural Black-owned products to add to the marketplace. At BLK + GRN, we want to be able to address products gaps by creating our own products, specifically for us. Grant funding will allow us to invest in a chemist for product development, and product packaging and inventory.
  2. Purchasing social media ads. This will allow BLK + GRN to be embedded directly in the sites you visit online.
  3. Search engine optimization. We want to be the first site that comes up when you search for “Black-owned products.”
  4. Ad purchasing. Buying ads in print magazines you read such as CRWN, Essence, Black Enterprise, and Thoughtfully magazine.
  5. Social media presence. Enhancing our presence on social media – Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook – will allow us to increase customer interaction, maintain a constant online presence, cultivate new audiences, and drive traffic to the BLK + GRN marketplace.

The funding from this grant will help us accomplish these goals. The more we grow, the more products we carry, the more financial capital we need to make it all happen. So vote daily, until March 8, to help us win the $50,000 FedEx grant!

I’m addition to your vote, we also want your feedback on what future products to invest in. We want to ensure we’re meeting your product needs before we invest thousands of dollars in products you won’t buy. To help us decide what products to invest in, we need you to take this survey.

Moreover, we’re constantly thinking of creative ways to enhance the BLK + GRN marketplace. One idea is to add Black authors to the marketplace. Leave a note in the comments below of an Author or book you would like to see in the marketplace.

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